What You Should Know About Energy Intelligence

By Mary Burgoon, Manager Market Development, Rockwell Automotion

In the past few months several leading publications have reached out to us for our thought leadership around energy intelligence.


Food Manufacturing?asked us,?What steps can food manufacturers take to reduce energy costs??The article explains that to truly control energy costs for their entire operations, food manufacturers need to have a clear and accurate understanding of their energy resource consumption ? and that requires a more granular approach.

I suggest that companies tap into their existing automation infrastructure in a new way ? connecting energy-enabled devices to the systems that already exist on the plant floor.

In?Industrial Technology, thinking about energy as part of your bill of materials,?Jonathan Smith?of Rockwell Automation?talks about?how most manufacturers have a firm handle on the cost of materials and labor, but without mastering critical energy consumption data they?ll never have a true picture of the cost of producing each individual product.

Manufacturers will agree: water, air, gas, electric, and steam (WAGES) resources consume an increasingly growing share of operating costs. Extracting, producing, or making anything?from household products and chemicals to machinery and raw materials?demands significant energy resources to fuel many processes.

In the article I talk about how an effective energy management strategy requires marrying a top-down commitment to energy management with a bottom-up approach that allows engineers to optimize operations at the product level.

It feels great to be asked to provide input into these important topics for respected publications. Our customers rely on these as a source of information to improve their agility, productivity and most importantly, to find ways to manage and reduce resource consumption and costs.

I?m delighted that this topic has such broad reach, and that experts are asked to provide information in such varied and targeted channels. In the end, what specialists share about energy intelligence?benefits us all.